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Brian Knarfield

Brian’s interest in music started at the age of 8 with his introduction to musical instrements and singing. In the third grade Brian sang a solo at his elementry school annual concert, and then began to aproach the piano as his next weapon of choice. Brian never cared much for sheet music, but enjoyd the “noise” each key would make. When Brian was 13 he became interested rap music which lead him towards learning how to scratch vynal, and began destroying the only 2 albums he had: dark side of the moon and a boston album (quite literaly tho).
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Jeff Cavanaugh & Dmitry

Jeff Cavanaugh & Dmitry

Jeff Cavanaugh & Dmitry

DJ Jeff Cavanaugh’s style of blending deep sexy house and creating a cosmic rhythmic flow has been a favorite in the San Francisco club scene since 2003. He has performed at Ruby Sky, ROE, Loft 11, Fluid, Starlight Room, Bubble Lounge, 5A5 and various festivals and San Francisco Remix magazine event.

Dmitry Panich was born in Lvov, Russia, and there received his formal music education in classical and jazz; he has been playing piano and keyboard since the age of six. Since immigrating to the US in 1979, he has used his classical training to influence his 30 year musical career as he has played in rock bands all over northern Cal and shared the stage with amazing artists such as, Taylor Dayne, Huey Lewis and Eddie Van Halen. He joined forces with Jeff and together they have been performing in bay area clubs and creating original house music.

These up and coming artists have caught the attention and were reviewed by Defective house music label. Currently they’re blowing up San Francisco Bay Area nightclubs and lounges with their unique sound combining Jeff’s DJ skills and Dmitry’s keybord licks.

Empty Artist


Camilo has been studying music since early childhood, and graduated from music faculty school during his high school years. Otherwise 32 year old economist had played the percussion and drums for 10 to 12 years as a teen. He began playing the keyboards in a band in 1996, and kept on playing ever since. Bands involved: percussion band, drumline, traditional, symphonic, Hungarian and American marching bands, a big band for a short period, metal, rock, blues, jazz, reggae, world music, ethno/dub and live hiphop. As a DJ he was into R&B and garage earlier, and into deep/tech house and downtempo in the present days.

He has been using PC to build tunes since 1993, MIDI based since 1996. Cakewalk, Cubase for the longest, Ableton since 2006 and Mac since 2009. Almost 1/4 of his music collection is jazz. Fan of: Benny Golson, Oscar Peterson, Michel Petrucciani, Michel Camilo (hence the name), Dave Brubeck, Yanni, Purple Motion, Skaven, John Williams, Alan Silvestri. Jaco Pastorius, Marcus Miller, Incognito. Tina Turner, Michael Jackson. Ten Sharp. Stevie Wonder, James Brown, The Doors. Chopin, Tschaikowsky. Thievery Corporation, Portishead, Massive Attack, Freestylers, Propellerheads, Blue Pilots Project, Saatio Organisaatio. Bob Marley. Thomas Bangalter, David Morales, Olav Basoski, The Timewriter, Terry Lee Brown Jr., Joris Voorn. Run DMC, Wyclef Jean.

Look for Oszkar Horvath (1979, HUN), “Camilo”, “nosferato” or “B-oldal” on several profiles (SoundCloud, MixCloud, myspace, YouTube, Vimeo) to find out more, or visit to browse his tracks.


Jacob Phono

Jacob Phono Thiessen Started playing with sequencers and drum machines as a kid. It evolved over the years and he began producing House music and Electronica/World Music with his friend Vladimir El Baz who is a very good poet. The singer Josefine Biskov Olsen was involved as a vocalist in some of the tracks they created/composed a long time ago in Aalborg. He began making some electronic events which he called “Upcode” in a cultural institution called “Huset i Hasserisgade” in Aalborg…

In July 2006 He decided to move to Copenhagen to build up a musical career which is virtually impossible as an electronic musician in a town like Aalborg. He worked at the danish film institution as a sound designer/engineer from 2008 to 2009 where he created sound and composing music for short movies. Movies: Blændet af solen Winter ( Music and effect design ) Mina ( Music ) Snooze Den ftygtløse Ivan Manden I båden Get to know me (Music and sound design ).

At the moment he’s very busy playing and making events at the clubs primary in Copenhagen, but also in the rest of DK. Phono: So on a rainy summer day I met Toketronic who is now one of my closest friends. We started a club called Whatdot in the center of Copenhagen. Since then it all began to aggresively with creativity and networking. I think original creativity is the main thing in the music industry. The second most important thing is networking and especially promotion “If you want to get some jobs you have to build an environment around the music” I’m very inspired by the techno culture in Berlin, the industrial cynicism, it’s a big and tough environment but in the same way very open and friendly.

Italo business: Kreislauff
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