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NWX005: Jib Rafill “Voyage”

Fifth release on Nuwax Records is by a talented Hungarian producer Jib Rafill. Voyage is not just a title of this EP but also a description. Both tracks are soundscapes filled with emotion. Weather you listen to it while driving in your car or while enjoying a cocktail with your better half this is the perfect soundtrack. Just like the road can be smooth the first track, The Sailor, is the relaxed afternoon drive. The second track, Compass, is the bumpy late night journey through the unknown.

Jib Rafill

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Define Jib Rafill : part of one’s brain that takes over, leaving human unconscious of surroundings. While human is unconscious, the brain endeavors in music making and other uncanny behavior.


NWX004: Andrew Shatnyy “Drums”

Andrew Shatnyy comes out banging with his Drums EP, a two-track secret weapon. Splashing tribal percussion sounds carefully mixed with deep bass lines are hypnotizing. Maya is a slowly building up tech-house track that will make you move no matter what time of the day or night it is. Nicht Verfugbar is a peak-time crowd-mover, and a must play track of November 2010.