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NWX007: Camilo “OZ”

Do you know what Amsterdam feels like? “Oz” is Camilo’s take on story-telling. He was inspired by the views of Oudezijds Voorburgwal to compose this track. Andrew Shatnyy takes a closer look and comes out with a deeper groovy house version. Playdoughboy dives in with a more jazz influenced approach with swinging cymbals and drum fills.

Martin Nonstatic

Martin Nonstatic is Martin van Rossum, born in the Netherlands on 24th March 1976. He is a SOUND-composer, finder, traveller and lover who lives in Germany next to the “City of Music” Cologne.

At the age of 20, after having purchased his first synthesizer (Korg Wavestation) and some hardware stuff like drum machines and effect units, he discovered the peripheral devices and possibilities how to change, create and modulate sounds.

He started growing his passion for ambient-technoid sounds and equipment by building up many tracks which are always influenced by electronic music and artists and also surrounded by sounds, noises and new ideas by other musician/friends like drummers and bassplayer.

He dealt a lot with live acts in several clubs in Cologne, Bonn and other cities nearby, always accompanied by good “Turntable-Friends”. Because of this Martin spent a lot of time on experiences- for example how to combine his hardware and software and to investigate the world of sampling from nearly everywhere.

From 2010 he started focusing on producing and releasing tracks and other projects like realtime sound and video sessions as you can see below.

Favorite musician: Steve Roach, Björk, Art Of Noise, Aural Float, Solar Fields, Trentemoller and Lamb
Most favorite Track: At The Age Of 12 „paranoimia“ by Art Of Noise
Favorite sounds: noisy dub chords, atmospheres and handmade samples
Favorite synth: Korg Wavestation, Waldorf Microwave, Moog Prodigy
Favorite software: Ableton Live and Reason

his latest tracks can be found under :
Soundcloud | Myspace | Youtube