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NWX014: Curt Cream “Lower Circles EP”

Curt Cream is no stranger in techno scene. His debut EP “Lower Circles” on Nuwax Records strikes with high energy. 88 Circles is a banger. No other words are needed to describe this driving pulsating track. Dub Down is another energetic track. Hypnotizing vocal sample and a heavy bass line – what else do you need for a great track! Curt Cream nails this one. Hear it now.

Curt Cream

Curt Cream is a passionate DJ. Already at the age of 14 Curt Cream, whose real name is Thorsten Rebhan got into electronic music. Since then his mixes is making people dance, nationally as well as internationally. From Thailands Koh Phangas full moon party to main Bavarian Clubs. His unique sound is catching on.

In the early 1990s his journey began at a youth club in Baiersdorf, a suburban town of Erlangen in Germany. As many fresh kids in the scene, he started by playing out house music but has been continuously looking for inspiration and new techniques to enhance his personal style. Being a residential DJ at Franconia’s oldest Techno-Club “Market” he had the chance to meet leading DJs like Kenny Larkin, Richie Hawtin, Sven Väth, Frank Lorber or Pascal F.E.O.S. and many more. Those experiences shaped him in an inspirational way, to find his own individual style.

Even at the Loveparade, the world biggest Electonic Party, he could share his unique Curt Cream Sound. While he was playing on a moving Truck driving through the streets of Berlin, people danced intensively. And in his native region, Nuernberg, he became a well- established House-, Techno- and Minimal-DJ and Producer.

Since the digital revolution in the DJ-Szene, Curt Cream can freely express his musical creativity by using latest technology. He himself describes his special style as “impulsive”.

One thing is for certain: Wherever Curt Cream is playing out; he helps people escaping from their treadmill to fully indulge / enjoy his music. Elecronical music is his greatest passion and requires a sense of perfection. Therefore he is also know for his experience in the field of event-planning and -realization.

The Curt Cream Style: impulsive, creative and face-to- face. Follow him on his journey.